Welcome to Mail-It

Mail-it is a full service bulk mailing facility. We specialize in all types of mailing from simple postcards to complex eye catching marketig materials.

One of the least understood advantages that you'll have working with
Mail-It is that in most cases you'll pay less to have us handle your mail than
you would if you took the time to do it yourself and paid full postage.

Because of what we do and how we prepare your mail you'll
earn huge discounts on your postage.

A major misconception is that it takes thousands of pieces to justify
working with a bulk mailing facility. That's not true, it only takes a few
hundred pieces for you to take advantage of postal discounts and rid
yourself of the tedious and expensive task of printing labels, folding,
stuffing, sealing and stamping.

Our services include: mailing lists, tabbing, inserting and sealing envelopes, variable data printing, addressing, stamp affixing and many others.

So look around, check out our complete list of services and our helpful
hints and tips on mailing and give us a call so we can start saving
you time and postage today.

Britney Serbin

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